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What people are saying

"Nicely done, Lydia and Sonia. Thanks to both of you for featuring the CMC and for getting it right."- Catskill Mountain Club


"A rapidly expanding business, we were able to grow for a number of years without a web presence, a professional identity or any other marketing materials. Last year, it became evident that establishing our position would require strategically telling our story and sharing it with the right audiences. In the beginning, we attempted to come up with our own logo and use our own skills to manufacture our branding. After a few months and meek results, we contacted Make Hay to help guide us in the right direction. From day one, we realized that 1) we knew nothing about strategic marketing and communications, and 2) we would have settled for far less if we had done it all on our own. The organizational skills and expertise Sonia and Marjorie bring to the table saves time and money and has helped us build a brand that we are very proud of. A smart, consistent and professional communications and marketing platform is helping us to reach all corners of our target market."

Leatherstocking Hand-split Billet Co.


"We've often used Sonia as a sounding board when contemplating new decisions for our farm and creamery. She really has her finger on the pulse of NY state agriculture and value added. Her experience, connections and ability to think outside the box have been invaluable to us."

Lazy Crazy Acres


"I have reviewed the ad brief and love it. I have to say, I'm very excited about this year's campaign."

Great Western Catskills/Delaware County Tourism


"Bang up job, my friend. That was one of the most pleasant, most informative, most ambitious, and most smoothly run conferences I've ever been to. Superb. Just superb."

The Food Law Firm


"Thanks for all your wonderful work, and for being such a delight to work with. You rock!"

Story Laurie


"A quick thanks and congratulations for the event yesterday! It was one of the better ones I've been to in terms of making real, relevant connections, and the initial speakers were fantastic."